What is Finology?

Short essay for “In the News…”

Short essay for “In the News…”

“In the News…” looks at the money issues implicit in the stories of the day. Working with material generated by newspapers, magazines, opinion columnists and trade journals, it provides direct links to articles we find interesting. Sometimes we provide commentary or ask questions. Other times, the link will speak for itself.

Ideally, these resources help us to better understand money and the money forces. Perhaps less ideally, it attempts to put their implications in front of us together with some thought provocation.

“In the News…” does not reflect any particular ideology. Rather, the intent behind it is to attempt to break through powerful cultural taboos and personal resistance to meaningful money conversation. For better or for worse, money laces throughout our cultures, our lives and our choices. Working with our money proactively and productively requires that we understand it better. This means talking about it without drama.

Please participate in this vital conversation.

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