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Building a More Sustainable World with Dick Vodra – Part 2

By Tasha / last month

 Natalie Wagner-Willis: Welcome back. In today’s What is Finology podcast our guest, Dick Vodra and I are talking about what Dick calls Worldview Two, which is the state of the world after climate change has taken hold. Dick and I are asking how we as people might handle the transition and how money fits […]


Finology, Climate Change, and the Insect Apocalypse! – Part 1

By What Is Finology / a couple of months ago

Natalie Wagner-Willis:Thanks for joining us on today’s, What is Finology? podcast. Our guest today is lawyer and seasoned financial planner, Dick Vodra an expert in what he calls Worldview Two which is the state of the world after climate change has taken hold. The questions are, will money mean then what it means today? And […]


Defining Finology Podcast

By What Is Finology / a couple of months ago

  Welcome to episode 0 of the WiF? Podcast.  I’m your host Natalie Wagner-Willis. For those who don’t know, Finology is broadly defined as the study of: – People exchanging value – Our personal relationships with money – And, what money means in our lives Richard (Dick) Wagner, the father of Finology (incidentally, also my […]


To Move Beyond Financial Planning 2.0, Examine the Unexamined

By Don St. Clair / 10 months ago

Full disclosure: Dick Wagner and I were friends. We were colleagues and collaborators. And as he was for so many, Dick was a mentor to me. Long before I ever knew Dick Wagner, I knew of Dick Wagner. Everyone did – you couldn’t attend Retreat without quickly learning who Dick was. But until our paths crossed […]


Financial Planning 2.0, Life Planning and Finology with Carol Anderson

By Carol Anderson / 11 months ago

Transcription: ​ Introduction: What is finology? Here we explore our personal relationships with money, money’s nature, and how we exchange value in daily life. Grounding ourselves in the liberal arts, we explore Financial Planning 3.0 from the inside out, addressing money as the most powerful and pervasive secular force on the planet. Mysterious money merits […]


Nazrudin Discussion on Financial Planning 3.0

By What Is Finology / 11 months ago

TranscriptionJoseph: Okay. I will give my perception, my perspective of what the book is about. The book … a little bit of the history of financial planning and, I guess, to me a conceptual framework of how financial timing has evolved, what was delivered. So the way I read it was, you start from people […]

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