dave bowman fellow and partner

Hi, I'm Dave Bowman CFP®, Founder of Outsourced Planning and Co-Founder of Capstone College Partners and College Aid Pro™. My efforts in financial planning stem from the belief that people can realize their potential through thoughtful self-reflection, sage guidance, and intentional action. 

I believe the calling of the financial planning profession is to provide that kind of sage guidance. Outsourced Planning's aspiration is to give planners easy access to the support of CFP® Professionals so they can be more effective with, and available to their clients. Capstone College Partners and College Aid Pro™ were formed to help planners guide their clients to better financial outcomes when investing in college education. My path in financial planning has led me to try and provide leverage and clarity to planners, helping them be better guides for their clients. 

I believe that financial planning can be a gateway to living a more intentional and inspired life. My passion for comprehensive financial planning and behavioral finance drives me to help planners solve their most pressing problems. By supporting planning firms as an outsourced COO or Director of Financial Planning, providing technical CFP® support on client cases, or spreading solutions and ideas among CFP® professionals to raise the professional standard, I help planners run more effective practices so they can help their clients live more fulfilling lives.