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Finology, Climate Change, and the Insect Apocalypse! – Part 1


Natalie Wagner-Willis:Thanks for joining us on today’s, What is Finology? podcast. Our guest today is lawyer and seasoned financial planner, Dick Vodra an expert in what he calls Worldview Two which is the state of the world after climate change has taken hold. The questions are, will money mean then what it means today? And […]

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Honoring our lost Finology Fellow


It is with a heavy heart that we recognize and honor Finology Fellow, Ed Jacobson.  Ed’s development of Appreciative Inquiry brilliantly connects money and the human experience.  His work has forever impacted the Financial Planning profession and is essential to Finology. Though we regret not gathering Ed’s wisdom in the form of a WIF? Podcast, […]

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Simple, Complex and Complicated Problems with Marty Kurtz


Announcer: What Is Finology? Here we explore our personal relationships with money, money’s nature, and how we exchange value in daily life. Grounding ourselves in the liberal arts, we explore financial planning 3.0, from the inside-out, addressing money as the most powerful and pervasive secular force on the planet. Mysterious money merits study. Jake Wagner: […]

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