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Money MindBender$

We know that many Financial Professionals (you) are about truly helping people use money well to help navigate life with grace.

We believe this means getting deep into the Profound nature of what Money means to us on Personal Levels!

Our Money MindBender$ newsletter features provocative quotes from your favorite financial-theorists, explores what they mean in life today, and breaks down their Finological & Practical application to your Prospects & Clients! 

"Which then leaves us to ask, where is money's place?" ~Natalie WagnerWillis, CFRCSM, Finologist & WiF? Project co-lead

Explore | Educate | Evolve

Our What is Finology? Project is about fostering larger conversations and perspectives about Money and the Human Experience. 

Then helping CFP®'s and other money-professionals to develop the Human Skills to serve clients as people first and collaborate in money-decisions from this place.

There's more!

Since you'll have thoughts to share and we want to hear them, we host a live monthly call, Money MindBender$, LIVE. 

Each call will be announced via newsletter.

This is your opportunity to connect with other money-professionals also thinking about Humanity and their clients' money lives and to grow these ideas & this powerful work!

"Because money can and should be used for great good," (R. Wagner). 

Entertain Your Brain

Money MindBender$ are walking thoughts, designed to get into your head and inspire your thinking - whether you're with clients, navigating your personal money-world, or daydreaming on a walk.

But they're also more than that. Money MindBender$ will help you see the tender Humanity in your clients' money lives and to serve them in these Priceless places of Money and the Human Experience.

Thank you for being here and being a part of the conversation!