February 8

Finology in our Lives | Larry Jessoe


Let’s talk about this week’s quote that came from an unexpected source in our marketing/business development world.

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Our friend, Dennis Yu posted this from his mentor. We think it’s some good business advice that is worth thinking about a little deeper.

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Inspiration can come from anywhere so try not to judge the source of your inspiration too much.

Think about where you’ve gotten good inspiration/advice recently. Think about some of the best quotes you’ve seen. Where did it come from? Did the source (or place you found it) surprise you?

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The What is Finology? Project considers the nature of money and it's meaning in our lives. The Finology Fellows are a group of experienced Certified Financial Planner™ Professionals who have a deep and grounded understanding of Finology, the Financial Planning Profession and the nature of how we exchange value.

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