September 29

Introducing: Money MindBender$

We started a series called “Money MindBender$” to help guide the conversations about Finology. We hope it helps you engage with us better. Sign up for our newsletter list (in the sidebar of this page) for more. <img draggable=

Now it’s time to introduce the first Money MindBender$.

As one cannot eat it, live inside of it, or use it in any other tangible way, it’s important to be aware that money, at its essence, holds no intrinsic value – but rather, only the value we give to it and create from it


MMB$ October Live call


Considering that money’s connection with value is indirect, how do you help your clients experience real value through their money?

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About the Author

I was raised to believe that money can and should be used for great good. As a social-philosopher and the daughter of Dick Wagner (the father of Finology), I've been studying people and money most of my life - and after deep thought, I agree. Money can and should be used for great good.

When I'm not absorbed in pondering people and money, I'm raising my 3 beautiful boys and supporting my husband and his delicious food truck. I hold self-care, creativity, and play as daily values, and I'm passionate about saving the world. Thank you for being here and please tell everyone! We need to get into people's heads and hearts to change the way we let the money forces run in this world. If we let them, and we should, they will do great good.

Natalie Wagner-Willis

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