November 13

Honoring our lost Finology Fellow

It is with a heavy heart that we recognize and honor Finology Fellow, Ed Jacobson.  Ed’s development of Appreciative Inquiry brilliantly connects money and the human experience.  His work has forever impacted the Financial Planning profession and is essential to Finology.

Though we regret not gathering Ed’s wisdom in the form of a WIF? Podcast, we are working with his wife, Jody, to continue his legacy.  Ed’s work is fundamental to the body of knowledge of Finology.

As we explore the work, we intend to continue to develop Ed’s Finological contributions. His insight, bottomless support of others, and heartfelt hugs will forever be missed.

Losing one of our own has a way of highlighting the connections we have and the importance of our collective work.

Let’s continue the conversation.

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About the Author

The What is Finology? Project considers the nature of money and it's meaning in our lives. The Finology Fellows are a group of experienced Certified Financial Planner™ Professionals who have a deep and grounded understanding of Finology, the Financial Planning Profession and the nature of how we exchange value.

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