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Eyes Bloodshot, Doctors Vent Their Discontent

Eyes Bloodshot, Doctors Vent Their Discontent


Published: June 17, 2008

“I love being a doctor but I hate practicing medicine,” a friend, Saeed Siddiqui, told me recently.


Doctors are working harder and faster to maintain income, even as staff salaries and costs of living continue to increase. Some have resorted to selling herbs and vitamins retail out of their offices to make up for decreasing revenue. Others are limiting their practices just to patients who can pay out of pocket.


by Richard B. Wagner, JD, CFP

This essay provides a doctor’s eye view of how the money forces are impacting the practice of medicine. When did money issues become so embedded in the delivery of health care? Can we imagine alternatives for providing access to the skills, machinery and care implicit in modern medicine, including complementary medicine? How can international trading currencies function effectively within the contexts of health care?


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