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Finology Forum September | Exploring How We Share Our Wealth

“We must Learn to Talk about Money with New Language,” Richard (Dick) Wager, JD, CFP®, father of Finology, Financial Planning 3.0, p. 234.

4.5 CFP® CE Hours

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Featuring Finology Fellows: 

Sheryl Garrett

Sheryl Garrett CFP®, AIF®

Bringing the Spirit of the Profession to the Middle Class

Founder of the Garrett Planning Network

We all have personal relationship with money, no matter how much we have, and we all have a need for caring outside eyes to help us use money to help navigate life with grace! Sheryl Garrett, CFP®, founder of Garrett Planning Network, offers her Finological insights and wisdom around how we can help individuals who have been underserved by financial services live well with money.

About Sheryl Garrett, CFP®, AIF® 

Named an Icon of the profession by Investment News, Sheryl Garrett, CFP®, AIF®, founder of Garrett Planning Network, has been dubbed “The All-American Planner,” because of her zealous mission to “help make competent, objective financial advice accessible to all people.”


What is Finology? - David Bowman

David Bowman CFP®, CCRC

The Finology of Higher Education

Co-Founder of College Aid Pro

Higher education is one of the most consequential financial decisions any person or family will ever make. All financial decisions are made on a personal/finological level, and we’re taking this opportunity to dive deep into the Finology of Higher Education. Dave Bowman, CFP®, is a college funding expert with College Aid Pro and comes to us with personal insights and wisdom around navigating this world in a way that honors the human connection people have with both the education and the money.

About David Bowman, CFP®, CCRC

Hi, I’m Dave Bowman CFP®, Founder of Outsourced Planning and Co-Founder of Capstone College Partners and College Aid Pro™. My efforts in financial planning stem from the belief that people can realize their potential through thoughtful self-reflection, sage guidance, and intentional action.


What is Finology? - John A. Warnick

John A Warnick, Esq.

Purposeful Client Work

Counselor and Attorney at Law, Founder of Purposeful Planning Network

John A.’s work around Purpose has impacted many wealth professionals and bloomed into the Purposeful Planning Institute. The profound nature of intentionally brining Purpose to Wealth Services integrates our human need for meaning into our clients’ money relationships, into all that their purposeful money touches, and into our client relationships. Join John A. as he discusses his unique insight and wisdom around Purposeful Client Work and the connection with Finology.

About John A. Warnick, Esq. 

I assist families in transferring much more than money to their heirs. I also empower them to invest in their relational wealth and to discover the joy of a shared philanthropic journey with their family.

About the Finology Forums

When someone says, “Here is $10,000.”  You have to ask, what is that for?  What is being exchanged?  What expectations are placed on this money?  Are you expected to fulfill a job?

Does this amount of money make you uncomfortable to receive as a gift?  What if that $10,000 meant the same thing to the giver as if you gave $10 to someone?  How would they treat you?  What is involved in fulfilling the exchange?

We all know what $10,000 is ten thousand US dollars – a hard, quantifiable amount of value. But if we pull back another layer and put that same $10,000 into the context of real people, or family, or an individual person, and their unique life — the story becomes messy and profound.

Especially if we ask the same question about a greater amount of money.

How Financial Planners benefit by being part of the Finology conversation

Why do people hire a Financial Planner? “[A financial planner’s] worth is in our wisdom and insights, including our own intimate understandings of money and its powers,” (Richard Wagner, JD, CFP®, & founding father of Finology, FP 3.0, p. 30).

This educational platform of The What is Finology? Project is all about Money and Human Skills. When we strip money down to simply the numbers, we strip the humanity out of it! But that’s not what it’s like for our clients, or in real life. In reality, $10,000 means something different to you than it does to each of your clients than it does to me than it does to anyone else!

If someone is simply looking for the numbers, fine, there are lots of services for that. But if someone is coming to you, they’re looking for more… They’re looking for an understanding of value and meaning that goes beyond the numbers. They’re looking to be seen as a person first and for their money to be viewed in this light.

Your abilities to serve clients in these ways are all about your Skills for the Humanity in Money!

Join Us!

Join us September 21, 2022, for our next, What is Finology? | Continuing Education Days | Skills for the Humanity in Money!

Our forum will be an intimate experience from beginning to end, submersing you with the same small peer group throughout the day for these powerful and personal sessions.  With generous breaks and plenty of time for “like-minded mingling,” our online space, Airmeet, allows for both intentional and spontaneous conversations, as well as one on one and group table discussions.

For 4.5 CE credits, Dave Bowman CFP®, CCFC (College Aid Pro), John A. Warnick (Purposeful Planning Network) & Sheryl Garrett (Garrett Planning Network) share their wisdom and insights in this unique invitation for you to cultivate your Skills for the Humanity in Money!

“…it is a tender attempt to accomplish something possible in this impossible thing we know as life” ~ The Book of Tea, Okakura Kakuzo

Click to learn about Richard (Dick) Wagner, and the What is Finology? Project.

Note: The What is Finology? Project and this education platform are inspired in part by the Nazrudin Project —  its idiosyncratic nature, loving and sophisticated community, plus its agile and profound structure. The work we do and the experiences we have through Nazrudin reach the depths of participants, changing our way of Being — with money, clients, in life.

Our hopes are that WiF? CE Days extends and echoes the Nazrudin spirit, journey, depth of personal connection.

All sessions will be recorded and available for later listening.  All conversations in the Lounge will *not* be recorded.



Sep 21 2022


9:00 am - 5:00 pm



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