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Join us March 15th, for the second What is Finology? | Continuing Education Days | Skills for the Humanity in Money® with 3 hours of CE Credit!

Our theme: “We must Learn to Talk about Money with New Language,” Dick Wager, JD, CFP®, father of Finology.

If you cannot afford the registration price but would like to attend this event, please email or

When someone says, $195, we all know what that means. $195 is one hundred and ninety-five US dollars - a hard, quantifiable amount of value. But if we pull back layers and put that same $195 into the context of real people, or a family, or an individual person and their unique life -- the story becomes messy and profound. 

This is the space that Wagner was referencing when he said, "[A financial planner's] worth is in our wisdom and insights, including our own intimate understandings of money and its powers," (FPing 3.0, p. 30).

Are you interested in cultivating the Human Skills to meet your clients in this meaningful place?

This educational platform of The What is Finology? Project is all about Money and Human Skills. When we strip money down to simply the numbers, we strip the humanity out of it! But that's not what it's like for our clients, or in real life. In reality, $100 means something different to you than it does to each of your clients than it does to me than it does to anyone else!

If someone is simply looking for the numbers, fine, there are lots of services for that. But if someone is coming to you, they're looking for more... They're looking for an understanding of value and meaning that goes beyond the numbers. They're looking to explore possibilities beyond the easy answers. They're looking to be seen as a person first and for their money to be viewed in this light.

Your abilities to serve clients in these ways are all about your Skills for the Humanity in Money®!

Our forum will be an intimate experience, immersing you with the same small peer group for these powerful and personal sessions.  With plenty of time for "like-minded mingling," our online space, Airmeet, allows for both intentional and spontaneous conversations, as well as one on one and group table discussions.