Mission, Vision & Purpose

The Mission, Vision, and Purpose of The What is Finology Project is to answer the call above.

It's time to get real about our personal relationships with money and reciprocity.  Our very social and physical futures depend upon it. 

One conversation, one essay, one talk at a time, at the WiF? Project we will examine what money and reciprocity are and are not in our lives and explore what these and the money forces truly mean to us personally.  We will deepen our our individual and collective understandings and slowly cleanse our relationships while turning how we engage with the money forces upside down and inside out.

By getting into people's heads and hearts, we intend to help drive social evolution to a new place where money supports what's priceless about humanity and beyond.  

Because money can and should be used for great good! 

What We Do

Finology was created to address the profound and personal nature of money’s role in modern society.  

Finology opens new frontiers for exploring and understanding our relationships with money, bolstering our capacity to cultivate health in these relationships and to use money to help navigate life with more grace, possibility and joy.

  1. Gather in one place and make accessible the finological work that has been and is being done, allowing our inspirations and conversations to grow and build from one another.
  2. Create a foundation for the field of Finology that invites and inspires further investigations and supports bringing new finological thought to people within and beyond the world of financial services.
  3. Cultivate our understanding of the different ways that people exchange value, in and outside of money. 
  4. Break open the collective conversation about money into the interior/personal realm, and invite the rest of the world to explore, innovate, and cultivate health within our personal money lives.   

About the Team

Jake Wagner, CDMP

Co-founded the What is Finology? Project with (Richard B.) Dick Wagner, JD, CFP®

The two of them worked closely to produce Dick Wagner’s work after Dick left Sharkey, Howes, Wagner & Javer.

 Jake is the driving force behind getting Financial Planning 3.0 published and on book shelves. Since Dick’s passing he has maintained the vision and drive to get the What is Finology project to be what it is today. He has a strong internal understanding of Dick Wagner’s body of work.

Jake has studied currency theory with his mentor, Bernard Lietaer. He worked for Ken Wilber and the Integral Institute (now Integral Life), enabling him to be an expert in the integral framework and Integral Finance.

Jake is the founder of Digital Marketing 4FP, a marketing agency focusing on CFP® Professionals and RIAs. He has studied the art and craft of digital marketing with Digital Marketer, Billy Gene is Marketing, Lee Goff and numerous other digital marketing experts.

Jake is passionate about helping our civilization have a better relationship with money and exchanging value.

Natasha Hoggatt

Senior Assistant and Graphic Designer of the What is Finology? Podcast

The glue that holds this project together. I'm fortunate to work and learn under some brilliant minds. In this family affair made public I help make and manage content that goes out.

 I'm a graphic designer with an eye for interesting projects like this. I help keep the peace while learning every day from the rest of this team.

I consider myself extra fortunate to be able to help continue the work of Dick Wagner. I may not have known him in life, but I learn a lot from his wisdom every day. This concept of Finology is an intriguing one I see in every day situations. It's fun for me to explore the "fields of finology" with the eyes of a wandering hippie. I am quiet at times hiding behind my computer screen, but once you get me talking about something interesting (like this project) i'll talk to you for hours about it and whatever else .