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By What Is Finology / a couple of months ago
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Welcome to episode 0 of the WiF? Podcast.  I’m your host Natalie Wagner-Willis.

For those who don’t know, Finology is broadly defined as the study of:

– People exchanging value

– Our personal relationships with money

– And, what money means in our lives

Richard (Dick) Wagner, the father of Finology (incidentally, also my father) led many financial professionals in the conviction that in today’s world money is the cornerstone of most human interaction and has become the most powerful and pervasive secular force on the planet.  He was known for saying that money skills are 21st century survival skills, despite the fact that money skills do not come naturally.

Wagner created the field of Finology because of the magnitude of what money means in our lives and because our personal relationships with money are grossly under-examined and under-understood.  The What is Finology? team members have chosen to carry forward this work because we believe that deepening our understanding of true value and what money means in our lives will help us cultivate health across our lives through all the points where money intersects.

This podcast is for everyone who works intimately with people and their money and recognizes the responsibility involved.  In Wagner’s words, “I suggest that money is humankind’s single most important creation.  This, in turn, suggests the importance of this work.”

This podcast exists as part of the larger WiF? Project where we are bringing together existing finological content and collaborating with other Finologists to better understand money and the human experience.

Please join the conversation at or on Facebook.  I’m your host, Natalie Wagner Willis.

Because money can and should be used for great good.

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