In the words

of Dick Wagner...

“...Economies are not machines and our money contains the elements of our souls. We must learn to talk about money with new language...”
Financial Planning 3.0 p.234

Richard B. (Dick) Wagner JD, CFP® co founder of the What is Finology? Project


(a) The study of our personal relationships with reciprocity, money and what money means in our lives.

Academically, we define Finology as “the umbrella term for the various aspects of our personal relationships with money”

(R. Wagner, Financial Planning 3.0, p.15). (b)The study of human value exchange.

(b) The study of human value exchange.

  • The study of the relationships between human beings and money.
  • The study of minds, brains, customs and behaviors with respect to money and the money forces.
  • The theory or system of Finology.

(c) Finology was created to address the profound and personal nature of money’s role our modern lives.

Finology opens new frontiers for exploring, interpreting and understanding our relationships with money.  We need to cultivate health in our relationship with money and to use money to help navigate life with grace.

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Financial Planning 3.0

(a) The study of how financial planning affects and changes culture and society

(b) The study of how financial planners and the financial planning profession affects and changes culture and society

(c) Financial planning professionals internalized understanding of the highest aspirations for the potential of the profession

What is Finology all About?


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